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2022 is off to a rocky start in the film world. Already in January, the showings of several major series started, which we talked about in the review of multi-episode new products in January. Here and “Gilded Age”, and “Peacemaker”, and “How I Met Your Dad.” February promises to be just as busy. What are only two high-profile premieres based on real events – “Pam and Tommy” and “Playing Anna”. In addition to them, we are waiting for excellent shows of completely different genres: from sitcoms with guest celebrities to intricate dark thrillers. So, we have collected the top 10 cool TV shows that will be released in February. Go!

1. Pam and Tommy

original name: Pam & Tommy
Premiere: February 2

In the 90s, the names of these celebrities did not leave the covers of news publications. Scandal after scandal, drama after drama – it seemed that the star couple liked to excite the public. And the situation with the leak of an intimate video made Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee the main media characters at once. Years later, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton (who, by the way, got married not so long ago) and other celebrities will use this technique without a twinge of conscience. But at that time it was a real “bomb”, and it is not surprising that the Hulu video service decided to dedicate an entire mini-series to it.

2. In the city of murder

original name: Murderville
Premiere: February 3

Netflix has found a new way to solve murders. The crime-comedy show (Strange Neighborhood, Agree) is about detective Terry Seattle, who invites various celebrities to take part in the investigation of crimes. Moreover, the stars will not work according to the script, but completely indulging in improvisation. Conan O’Brien, Annie Murphy, Ken Zhong, Sharon Stone and others will definitely become Seattle’s partners. Invited artists will carefully collect evidence and try to figure out the criminal. So far, the streaming service has only announced 6 episodes. The further fate of the project will depend on its popularity.

3. Jack Reacher

original name: Jack Reacher
Premiere: February 4

Another cool police novelty, this time from Amazon. Surely you remember the sensational film series of the same name starring Tom Cruise. However, as it turned out, neither fans of Lee Child’s novels (the books that formed the basis of the film adaptation), nor the author of the printed franchise himself were pleased with Cruise’s reincarnation as military police veteran Jack Reacher. The actor turned out to be too small for the role of a huge muscular hero. Jack Reacher’s new look should please everyone: this time, he’ll be played by Titans star Alan Ritchson, who weighs 110kg and stands almost 2m tall, with a mountain of muscle and a steel abs.

4. Under suspicion

original name: Suspicion
Premiere: February 4

The eight-episode political thriller Under Suspicion is based on the 2015 Israeli hit False Flag. At the center of the picture is the drama that unfolded in the life of successful media mogul Katherine Newman (played by Uma Thurman): four masked strangers kidnap her son from a hotel room. The woman is devastated and brings the public into the investigation. After a while, the first suspects are found: they are completely random guests of Britain, who, at first glance, have nothing to do with the complicated case. As each of them pleads not guilty, the FBI and the London police need to find out the truth as soon as possible.

5. Power in the night city. Book Four: Power

Título original: Power Book IV: Force
Premiere: February 7

50 cent, who is the producer of the series, invites viewers to plunge into the underworld of Chicago in the spin-off of the Power in the Night City franchise. After the tragic loss of his close friend Phantom and lover LaKisha, Thomas Egan leaves New York for the Windy City. Although his visit to Chicago should be short and calm, soon the hero is drawn into a dangerous network of drug dealers who control all the streets of a city that is mired in unemployment and racial strife. Egan has to adapt to the new conditions of life, while breaking all the established rules and norms of criminal gangs.

6. Nomination

original name: Nomination
Premiere: February 7

I would not like to ignore the domestic novelty, which will appear on the screens on February 7th. Okko online cinema, which has become part of our selection of the best streaming video services, will present a family drama starring Nadezhda and Anna Mikhalkov. Nadezhda, for whom the project became a directorial debut, played Vera, the youngest daughter of the eminent late director. Faith was waiting for a brilliant acting career in Hollywood, which at the last moment failed. Now she has to return to her homeland and develop domestic cinema, and even in the company of her sister and mother, with whom the girl has a very tense relationship.

8. Inventing Anna

original name: Inventing Anna
Premiere: February 11

One of the long-awaited new Netflix films, based on real events, will tell the story of Anna Delvey (Sorokina), a swindler who managed to fraudulently join the rich world of the New York elite, posing as the daughter of a millionaire from Germany. Anna led a luxurious lifestyle and did not deny herself anything, paying bills with credit cards of wealthy friends, until those around her began to suspect something was wrong … By the way, the real Anna Sorokina, who became the prototype of the main character, was released not so long ago, by selling the film rights to his own life to Netflix. Rumor has it that the fee received helped the girl pay off her debts with all the deceived rich people.

9. Separation

original name: Severance
Premiere: February 18

Who among us has not dreamed of separating work from personal life? These two important components of our nature are so closely intertwined that sometimes they harm each other. The protagonists of the futuristic series “Separation” decided on a desperate experiment: to surgically separate the memories of work from other memories. The experiment on volunteers will be carried out by a well-known corporation, which promises the heroes an excellent result. But will they be satisfied with the outcome of the experience, or will this move turn the whole past and future lives of the heroes upside down? We’ll find out on February 18th.

9. Endgame/Endgame

original name: The End Game
Premiere: February 21

Russian criminal Elena Fedorova is the queen of the modern criminal world. Under her leadership, the most sophisticated and incredible robberies and scams take place. Detectives around the world dream of closing handcuffs on the thin wrists of a pretty heroine, but so far no one has succeeded. FBI agent Val Turner takes over the case. She is smart and resourceful, like Elena, so she is going to bring Fedorova to clean water. The series intrigues with a long confrontation between two beautiful heroines, but one can only guess who will emerge victorious from this intellectual battle. Bye.

10 Vikings: Valhalla

Título original: Vikings: Valhalla
Premiere: February 25

Fans of the historical drama genre, as well as fans of Viking, The Last Kingdom, Northerners and many similar incredibly interesting projects, rejoice! In February, we will watch one of the most anticipated series of 2022. The action of the spin-off of the series “Vikings” will unfold a hundred years after the events of the original picture. The end of the era of brave heroes of the Middle Ages is approaching: the kingdom of England is opposed to the Scandinavian invaders. After the death of King Edward the Confessor, three lords lay claim to the English throne, forever changing the future of England.

Our review has come to an end. We hope that among all this genre diversity, you will definitely find a worthy series that will certainly fill a few free evenings and leave an indelible impression and pleasant emotions after watching. We have already looked at a couple of such projects and included them in the February movie list. In the meantime, they are just getting ready to go, let’s go see the hit premieres of January, for example, the costume drama The Gilded Age. And we invite you.

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