10 new series June 2021


Series premieres June 2021

The time for vacations and vacations is approaching – and this time is considered the peak for the release of the main novelties of cinema and television. What series will we be watching this summer? Read in our review about the main premieres of the month.

1. Lisey’s Story

Genre: Drama, Mystery
Starring: Julianne Moore, Dane DeHaan and others
Premiere in Russia: 4 June

Stephen King’s book adaptations will arrive this summer. The plot of this drama was based on the bestseller of the same name “King of Horrors”, the script combines psychological drama and mysticism. This is the story of the writer’s grieving widow, yearning for her beloved husband, who died tragically. It wasn’t enough for Lisey to grief, as the secrets of the past of the deceased began to interfere in the already gloomy present of the heroine.

2. “Sweet Tooth: Boy with Deer Antlers” (Sweet Tooth)

Genre: fantasy, drama
Starring: Christian Convery, Nonso Anozie and others
Premiere in Russia: 4 June

The upcoming TV series will surprise the viewer with an unusual plot. 10 years ago, a strange phenomenon led to the birth of hybrid human children with some animal traits. Among them was Gus, the deer boy. For many years, Gus lived in the forest, until fate gave him a friend. Together, the main characters will go on a dangerous journey through the territory of the former States.

3. “Loki” (Loki)

Genre: superhero, comic book, adventure
Starring: Tom Hiddleston, Richard Grant and others
Premiere in Russia: June 11

One of the main novelties of the month will be a solo series about Loki. Many fans of this ambiguous hero puzzled over where their favorite disappeared after the events when the main Scandinavian villain stole the Tesseract. The writers will explain everything in detail. In the image of Loki, we will see the permanent performer of the role – Hiddleston himself. His character, no doubt, honestly deserved a serial solo album. And if you love superhero stories, then take a look at this series review.

4. Blindspotting

Genre: comedy drama
Starring: Jasmine Jones, Helen Hunt and others
Premiere in Russia: June 13

blind spots

A spin-off of the 2018 film of the same name. Much to the delight of film fans, the actress who played the same role in the film will play the lead role. We will learn the continuation of Ashley’s story. Forced to move in with the mother of her arrested boyfriend, the girl tries to withstand the blows of fate, raising her child alone.

5. “In the rhythm of life” (Physical)

Genre: comedy
Starring: Rose Byrne, Rory Scovel and others
Premiere in Russia: 18 June

In the rhythm of life

The scriptwriters promise to please everyone who plays so much in the culture of the already distant (how time flies!) 1980s. One of the characteristic features of that time (in addition to curly and lush hairstyles with tons of varnish) was a total obsession with aerobics. This hobby did not bypass the main character – Sheila Rubin. Dissatisfied with everything in the world, Sheila finds an outlet in aerobics.

6. Benedict’s Secret Society
(The Mysterious Benedict Society)

Genre: fantasy
Starring: Tony Hale, Ryan Hurst and others
Premiere in Russia: 25 June

Secret Society of Benedict

The adventure series is based on the fantasy book series of the same name by Trenton Lee Stewart. Perhaps, with the sympathy of the audience, the project will be extended for the next seasons. In the meantime, we are waiting for a mini-series of eight episodes full of magical adventures. The main characters are a group of extraordinarily gifted orphans who carry out important missions under the guidance of a mysterious benefactor – Mr. Benedict.

7. “Sex / Life” (Sex / Life)

Genre: drama
Starring: Sarah Shahi, Mike Vogel and others
Premiere in Russia: 25 June

Sex and life

Billy Connelly is the most ordinary mother with two children, living with her family in a quiet suburb. However, a quiet life can be rather tiring with its monotony. Imagine what would happen if a bored mom decides to take a trip down memory lane, evoking memories of juicy moments in her past? Such an experiment can endanger married life.

8. “Why Women Kill”
(Why Women Kill) – Season 2

Genre: tragicomedy
Starring: Allison Tolman, Lana Parrilla and others
Premiere in Russia: 4 June

At the beginning of the month, the premiere of the long-awaited second season of the tragicomedy Why Women Kill, which deserved a place in our review of the best female TV series, will take place. The plot of the second season will tell the story of the simple Alma – a housewife from the 1960s, who dreams of joining an elite garden club. However, the appearance and cheap outfits of the housewife cause ridicule from the surrounding ladies. A woman decides to change her life not in the most legal way. Read more about the second season in our film review of the series.

9. “Gabby Duran – the babysitter of aliens”
(Gabby Duran & The Unsittables) – Season 2

Genre: fantasy, comedy
Starring: Kylie Cantrall, Coco Cristo and others
Premiere in Russia: June 5

Gabby Duran - Alien Babysitter

At the beginning of the month, the premiere of the new season of the hilarious and kind series from the Disney studio will take place. The main character was an ordinary schoolgirl until the day when Gabby decided to earn extra money by taking a job as a nanny. It just turned out that her employers were guests from another planet. The girl will have to try hard not only to take care of extraterrestrial kids, but also to keep their secret a secret.

10. Rick and Morty
(Rick and Morty) – Season 5

Genre: fantasy, comedy
Premiere in Russia: June 20

Rick and Morty

The cult project has earned the love of many fans of black humor and even made it to the lists of the best satirical cartoons for adults. Mad genius Rick once again sets out on a dangerous intergalactic adventure with his sluggish grandson Morty.

Series June 2021

Summer is not long to wait. In anticipation of the new premieres, let’s enjoy the spring novelties of the series. All good mood and great weather!

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