10 new series of July 2021


10 new series of July 2021

At the height of summer, TV series fans will be able to while away the hot days watching new projects of various genres. We are waiting for exciting dramas, hilarious comedies and detective stories. Your attention – the main premieres of the series in July 2021.

1. “Tom and Jerry in New York”
(Tom and Jerry in New York)

Genre: comedy, adventure
Premiere in Russia: July 1

Tom and Jerry in New York

The second month of summer will begin with the premiere of a new animated series about the adventures of Tom and Jerry. While the iconic 1990s show seemed out of date, the 2021 reboot of the franchise has breathed new life into the project. As the name suggests, the ever-feuding couple will set off to explore the Big Apple, New York City, the capital of the United States.

2. Fear Street

Genre: horror
Starring: Kiana Madeira, Ashley Zuckerman and others
Premiere in Russia: July 2

A mini-series is expected to premiere on the Netflix platform, combining features of anthology, mystery, teen drama and slasher films in the style of the 1980-90s. The plot was based on the works of R.L. Stein, well known to many fans of horror stories on the children’s TV series “Goosebumps”, but this time it is better to remove the kids from the screens. The events of all three episodes will be closely connected with the curse that turns ordinary people into insane psychopaths, thirsty for blood. This project has every chance to replenish our top serials about maniacs.

3. “The monster must die”
(The beast must die)

Genre: drama, crime
Starring: Hush Jumbo, Jared Harris and others
Premiere in Russia: July 5

Francis Cairnes is grieving the loss of his beloved son – the child was killed by a car, and the driver fled the scene of the crime. Now the grieving mother has only two ways: either to be inactive and go crazy with despair, or to gather all her will into a fist and start looking for the killer on her own. When she manages to track down the criminal who took the life of her six-year-old baby, Francis decides to take justice into her own hands, punishing the perpetrator on the principle of “life for life”.

4. Monsters at Work

Genre: comedy, fantasy
Premiere in Russia: 7 July

The beloved characters of the Monsters Inc. series will return to their fans in the upcoming animated series. The plot will focus on a young monster named Tylor. He recently graduated from the monster academy, where he was taught to scare children. But now the energy for the city of monsters is obtained not at all by crying and screaming, but with the help of children’s laughter. Will Tylor cope with his duties?

5. Cat People

Genre: documentary
Premiere in Russia: 7 July

Netflix plans to launch a documentary series dedicated to the most purring creatures in the world – cats. Different people will talk about how meeting the charming purrs forever changed their lives for the better.

6. “Resident Evil: Endless Darkness”
(Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness)

Genre: science fiction
Premiere in Russia: July 8

Good news for all fans of the Resident Evil franchise, which includes an amazing video game and a series of exciting films about epidemics and the zombie apocalypse. An animated series is expected to be released on the Netflix platform in July. The timeline of the story will unfold between the events of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5.

7. The White Lotus

Genre: dramedy
Starring: Murray Bartlett, Connie Britton and others
Premiere in Russia: July 11

HBO promises to please connoisseurs of stories that equally combine the features of drama and comedy. In the center of the series will be the life of people at the resort. We will see the sorrows and joys not only of vacationers, but also of the working staff, who work hard from morning to night, giving visitors comfort and a pleasant stay.

8 Turner & Hooch

Genre: comedy, detective
Starring: Josh Peck, Carra Patterson and others
Premiere in Russia: July 16

A remake of the family comedy of the same name, which premiered back in 1989. Then the amazing game of Tom Hanks and the charming mastiff Beasley (as Hooch) won the hearts of millions of viewers. John may be inferior to Hank in charm, but his four-legged colleague will definitely please us with a sparkling game! The audience is waiting for a hilarious story of a detective whose life is turned upside down by a new partner – a cheerful dog named Hooch.

9. “Power in the night city. Book three:
Kanan’s rise”
(Power Book III: Raising Kanan)

Genre: drama
Starring: Mekai Curtis, Omar Epps and others
Premiere in Russia: July 18

Power in the night city.  Book Three

The sensational drama series “Power in the Night City” was so fond of the audience that the creators extended it again and again. The show ended in the sixth season, but the studio did not abandon the project, but gave it several spin-offs. In the third spin-off, the plot will focus on the early years of Kanan Stark, the mentor of the main character of the original show. Events will take the viewer to the 1990s, showing the difficult life of a teenager in the ghetto.

10 Miracle Workers –
season 3

Genre: fantasy, comedy
Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Steve Buscemi and others
Premiere in Russia: July 13

And we conclude our selection with a comedy anthology that will return in the summer with the premiere of the third season. The peculiarity of the series is that in each new season the actors play new roles, portraying characters from different eras. In the first part, God in the modern world made a bet with angels, putting all of humanity at stake. In the second season, we saw the history of the inhabitants of the Middle Ages from the lowest classes to representatives of the royal family. The third season was titled “The Oregon Trail”. The plot with humor will show the life of the first settlers who mastered the Wild West. Be sure to watch this show if you are looking for anti-depressant series.

Do not get bored in anticipation of upcoming projects, but enjoy the amazing series of June 2021, the list and plots of which you will find in this review. Enjoy watching and good summer weather.

Samira Gaiad
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