15 interesting facts about Arseny Tarkovsky

Facts about Arseny Tarkovsky
Arseny Tarkovsky

  • In the biography of Arseny Tarkovsky, he is usually referred to simply as a poet, sometimes forgetting that he was also a translator. But he was fluent in several oriental languages, and translated into Russian a fair amount of foreign works, mainly Georgian, Turkmen and Azerbaijani.
  • The famous director Andrei Tarkovsky was his son. True, the poet left the family a few years after the birth of his son, but when he grew up, they still continued to communicate.
  • During his life, Arseny Tarkovsky wrote many poems in various genres, but he himself considered the most important part of his work to be what was written during the Great Patriotic War, when he served at the front and was an army writer. Many soldiers cut out his poems from newspapers and carried them along with documents and photographs of their loved ones, which the poet considered the highest recognition of his work.
  • In 1943, he was hit by an explosive bullet in the leg, which caused him to develop gangrene. The only way to save the poet was amputation, but the doctors, trying to save his limb at least partially, did it as many as six times, eventually taking away his leg completely.
  • In the film “Mirror” by Andrei Tarkovsky, which is autobiographical in nature, one can hear poetry. These are the poems of his father Arseniy, who, by the way, read for this film.
Arseny Tarkovsky
Arseny Tarkovsky in his youth
  • At the age of 14, in 1921, young Arseny, together with friends, published a poem in the newspaper, the first letters in the lines of which formed words insulting Lenin. They were soon arrested by the Bolsheviks, but Tarkovsky managed to escape while being transported by train.
  • As a child, he was with his older brother when he made an unsuccessful attempt on Makhna’s sister, ataman Nikiforova, by throwing a bomb at her. The brother was detained, and with him 12-year-old Arseniy Tarkovsky, but the latter was released on her orders.
  • He began to be interested in literature as a child, mainly thanks to his father and brother. Together with them, he attended literary evenings, at which the outrageous Igor Severyanin, the sophisticated Konstantin Balmont, the famous Fyodor Sologub and other writers and poets performed with their works.
  • Once, on behalf of the authorities, Arseniy Tarkovsky was engaged in translating Stalin’s poetry from Georgian into Russian – yes, yes, in his youth, Stalin wrote poetry. True, he changed his mind about publishing translations of his work, which were seized and destroyed, but Tarkovsky still received a decent fee for this work.
  • The poems of Arseny Tarkovsky are far from civilian life, but in those years, the publication of works without patriotic communist motives was practically impossible. In order to get permission to publish his first poetry collection Before the Snow, the poet had to hastily compose several poems about his homeland and add them to the collection so that censorship would pass them.

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  • It is known that Arseny Tarkovsky was an amateur astronomer, and this hobby occupied a huge place in his life. He had a powerful telescope at home, and after his third marriage, he spent his honeymoon observing star clusters.
  • After the Great Patriotic War, the poet tried to publish his poetry collection Poems of Different Years, but failed, so that his own work remained unknown to readers for many years. At the same time, his translations of poems by other authors were successfully published and reprinted. And his own collection, the aforementioned “Before the Snow”, was published when the poet was already 55 years old.
  • Marina Tsvetaeva, who was fifteen years older than him, was in love with Arseny Tarkovsky. They spent a lot of time together, but when the poet realized that she considered him not just a friend, he chose to end their relationship.
  • Throughout his life, Tarkovsky was an incredibly handsome and stately man. Judging by the photographs, he retained his posture and attractiveness even in old age.
  • Researchers are still arguing about the origin of Arseny Tarkovsky of his family. There are two main versions, one derives his genealogy from the Polish gentry, and the other from the Dagestan Kumyks. Both versions have evidence and evidence, but neither of them is considered irrefutably proven.

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