27 interesting facts about storks

Interesting Facts

Magnificent storks live in many countries, and everywhere they are treated with respect. They occupy an important place in the folklore of different peoples, usually symbolizing wisdom and a lively mind. And indeed real storks are very intelligent birds, which has long been proven by scientists. It is difficult to confuse them with other birds – long, ankle-length legs and an impressive beak immediately give them away.

Facts about storks

  • These birds are usually very gullible, as people everywhere treat them friendly, and storks simply have not developed the habit of fearing a person.
  • They are found in many European countries. Most of them are in Iceland, and the least – in the UK.
  • In ancient Roman mythology, it was believed that the chariot of the god Mercury was harnessed precisely by storks (interesting facts about Ancient Rome).
  • White storks willingly settle near people, but their related black storks, on the contrary, usually stay away from people and lead a secretive lifestyle.
  • Stork nests are sometimes found even in the mountains, at an altitude of up to 2000-2500 meters above sea level.
  • Most species of these birds are still silent. They rarely make any loud noises.
  • Purely theoretically, black and white storks belonging to different species can interbreed, but in practice, hybrids have not yet been bred, since the mating rituals of these birds are too different.
  • Japan is the only country in the world where stork hunting has been banned for centuries. But most other states now have similar prohibitions.
  • Some species of storks, for example, black, living in Eurasia, are listed in the Red Books of many countries (interesting facts about the Red Book).
  • Once a large population of these birds also lived in sunny Italy, but about 300 years ago it was completely exterminated.
  • Storks communicate with each other by making soft clicks and whistles.
  • There are more white storks in Russia than in any other country in the world.
  • Sometimes these birds become the prey of winged predators, such as eagles.
  • Storks prefer to sleep standing on one leg. When the leg gets tired, they change it for another, and they don’t even wake up.

  • The aforementioned black stork perfectly adapts to a variety of conditions. Its largest population lives in the Republic of Belarus, but many of these birds lead a sedentary lifestyle even in southern Africa, in South Africa.
  • Like many other birds, European storks fly to warmer climes for the winter (interesting facts about migratory birds).
  • During migrations, they cover a distance of up to 8000-10000 kilometers.
  • The wingspan of an adult stork can reach 200 centimeters.
  • Despite their care, they mercilessly throw weak and sick chicks out of their nests.
  • The first week after hatching from eggs, stork chicks lie motionless and only learn to crawl, but after two months they make their first attempts to fly.
  • The eggs of a pair of storks hatch together, and always according to the same pattern – the male is engaged in this day, and the female – at night.
  • Their marriage rituals are very peculiar. Usually a free male approaches the first female who flew to his nest.
  • Nests, by the way, these birds build very impressive. For example, a white stork’s nest can weigh up to 250 kg and have a diameter of over 1.5 meters.
  • These birds do not understand, and therefore are not afraid of fire. Cases have been recorded of them dragging smoldering branches from fires to their nests, probably as building material. As a result, the nests caught fire (interesting facts about birds).
  • Sometimes many generations of storks live one after another in the same nest. The record for the population of the same nest is 381 years.
  • African marabou storks are dangerous winged predators and, on occasion, also scavengers.
  • Returning after wintering in Africa and South Asia to the north, storks, overcoming thousands of kilometers, always unmistakably find their nests.
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