Announced hunting for wolves and jackals in Rostov

Hunting and Fishing

Hunting for wolves and jackals in the Rostov region was announced by the authorities of the region due to the need to regulate the number of animals. So, in the present 2020, almost 200 wolves, as well as more than 520 jackals, are allowed to be caught in the region. Hunting for predators will not be limited in terms of their age category, as well as gender.

It is noted that the largest number of jackals, in the amount of 72 and 60 individuals, will be mined in the Azov and Salsk regions of the region. Accordingly, the largest number of wolves, in the amount of 16 and 18 individuals, hunters will hunt in the Martynovsky district, as well as in Chertkovsky.

Predator management measures appear to be necessary for the region. They are aimed at reducing the risk of predator attacks not only on pets, but also on people.

All biological materials of the harvested wolves and jackals will be sent to the veterinary control department for the detection of the rabies virus.

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