Auto-brightness burns the phone’s display and ruins the battery! On which devices is it safe to use it?

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Modern smartphone displays have high brightness, and if after purchase it pleases, then users prefer to reduce the brightness. This is usually done manually, after turning off the auto-brightness. But why is this happening? After all, the developers specifically introduced this function so that the user does not suffer with the settings, but gets the brightness that, according to the smart device, is more suitable for the user. But people again and again use the manual method of changing the brightness of the screen.

How does automatic brightness work on a smartphone?

Usually, users of different phones are unhappy with one thing in their devices. But the rejection of auto-brightness united the owners of all brands. The fact is that the function is not particularly important. It is installed on every device, regardless of brand.


Its idea is very attractive, and the principle of operation should be as follows:

  1. The display of the device captures solar radiation.
  2. The device determines how bright the light illuminates the smartphone.
  3. The auto-brightness feature adjusts the brightness of the screen, making it brighter in strong sunlight and lower in dim light.

The idea is good if it works as it is supposed to. In fact, the change in brightness either does not occur at all, or occurs extremely incorrectly. Even the sensors located near the front camera cannot correct the situation, no matter how hard the creators try.


How necessary is the feature?

By the way, on the flagship models, this problem is not so intense. The point is to install more successful RGB sensors. This technologically advanced sensor allows you to read information, determine the intensity of radiation and apply more correct signals to the device. In the course of an independent experiment, his work was verified. The experiment revealed the following advantages of this type of sensors – their work is more accurate, and the reaction to changes in light intensity is faster.

Auto brightness is needed to conserve battery life. Often, users themselves agree that, having set the device to high brightness, they forget to reconfigure it later. As a result, by the evening the device is completely discharged. For many, the battery discharge occurs at the most inopportune moment, on the way home. Having turned on a game or a movie, the user, counting on the economy mode, sees that after a few minutes the device signals a discharge.


Based on this, we can say that the auto-brightness function is certainly necessary and useful. Provided that the sensor responds well to changes in lighting conditions, it allows you to optimally save battery power and provide the owner with a brightness that will match the lighting conditions.

Experts conclude: if this function works well for the user, then it can be used. But, if the model is not a flagship, it is better not to use it, but immediately turn it off. This will help keep the display in working order.

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