Hunting and Fishing
Hunting for beavers in the Penza region is organized by an unknown person
Illegal hunting of beavers has been recorded in the Penza region. So, while an unidentified hunter hunted animals with the help of loops.
Hunting and Fishing
Hunting beavers to reduce their numbers
Hunting for beavers in the Omsk region has already been approved and will be held in order to reduce their numbers. It is planned to reduce the number
Hunting and Fishing
Beaver and elk hunting opens in Belgorod region
Hunting for beavers and ungulates in the region has already started. It became possible to extract game in all fixed lands. Meanwhile, Okhotnadzor reminds
Hunting and Fishing
Hunting for badgers in Bashkiria is already over
Hunting for badgers in the region ended last week, at the weekend. But law enforcement officers do not stop monitoring the order in the hunting grounds
Hunting and Fishing
Hunting for cormorants and crows in Udmurtia may become legal
The hunters of the region know by heart the list of natural resources that are allowed to be hunted. But soon this list can be replenished with two other
Hunting and Fishing
Hunting of the summer-autumn season starts in Saratov
Soon summer-autumn hunting will start in the Saratov region. Hunters will receive permits for its implementation in the near future. So, already tomorrow
Hunting and Fishing
Hunting this autumn in the Omsk region is banned
Hunting in the Omsk region this fall will not take place due to the imminent spread of bird flu. There are already 10 districts where quarantine has been declared.
Hunting and Fishing
The hunt lasts only two days, but there are a lot of violations
Spring hunting in the Saratov region began immediately in five regions. Hunters hunt waterfowl. But during the hunt, not only huntsmen work tirelessly
Hunting and Fishing
Hunting is the only one, and the term for it is five years
Hunting for sables and foxes for a Siberian turned into a criminal punishment in the form of imprisonment. As it became known, in the Novosibirsk region
Hunting and Fishing
Hunting is available exclusively for local residents
In Ugra, hunting will begin very soon – from May 1, but will be available only to local residents. Local residents will be able to apply for a hunting