Tips for car owners
Isuzu Truck Brake System Diagnostics
It is quite rare for an Isuzu truck driver to notice some problems in the brake system on his truck. As a rule, this manifests itself in the
Tips for car owners
Oil and filter change Toyota Dune
For owners of a 1996 Toyota Dyna with a 2.8L engine. it will always be useful to read information on how to change the oil and filter on your car.
Tips for car owners
Replacing silent blocks on the rear springs Isuzu ELF
Replacing silent blocks on an Isuzu ELF truck is a rather difficult procedure, in which you can not do without a special tool.
Tips for car owners
Replacing the front hub bearing on Moskvich 2141
Owners of the Moskvich 2141 car can often encounter such a problem as an interfering hum when operating at a speed of 40 km / h.
Tips for car owners
How to remove the steering rack on a Kia Soul car
Today I will tell you how to remove the steering rack on a Kia Soul car. Let’s start with the fact that the steering rack in Soule with
Tips for car owners
Handbrake Tightening Nissan Tiida
A small but necessary report for Nissan Tiida drivers with photos with information on tightening the handbrake. Many are interested in how
Tips for car owners
Installation of parking sensors on the Chevrolet Aveo
Any car owner knows how easy it is to park if there is a parking sensor. But many cars do not have such a necessary device, but if you want
Tips for car owners
Kia Soul low beam bulb replacement
Today we will tell you how to replace a blown low beam (H4) bulb. And we will carry out this replacement using the example of the Kia Soul car.
Tips for car owners
Replacing bulbs Kia Soul
If you have the task of changing the lamps on your vehicle, and you don’t know how to carry out such a procedure yourself, then you have come
Tips for car owners
Removing the headlight Kia Soul
What to do if you have the task of changing the headlights on your vehicle, and for this you need to remove them, but since you have not performed