Cottage cheese Easter “Almond-cranberry-raisin”, step by step recipe with photo


  • cottage cheese 450 g
  • butter 82.5% 200 g
  • vanilla sugar 10 g
  • powdered sugar 80-100 g
  • yolk 1 pc.
  • sour cream 20% 110 g
  • almonds 50 g
  • dried cranberries 40 g
  • raisins 40 g


Step 1

Whisk butter with sour cream. Beat the yolk with sugar until white. I warmed it up in a water bath and at the same time whipped it with a mixer. Add vanillin. It was not sweet for me and at this stage I introduced 3 tbsp powdered sugar. l. Whisk.

Step 2

Combine cottage cheese, butter and yolk mixture and beat with a blender until smooth.

Step 3

Rinse the almonds and toast them in a dry frying pan. Chop finely with a knife.

Step 4

Add almonds, washed and dried raisins and cranberries. Mix.

Step 5

Cover the pasochnitsu with gauze in two layers and lay out the curd mass. Place a load on top and remove overnight. Drain whey periodically.

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