Decorative pillows – spring ideas

Flowers and Plants

Decorative pillow is a great accessory for any interior. It will add a touch of comfort to the overall range of the interior and will simply come in handy for its intended purpose, giving you and your guests its softness and warmth. We have already offered you a selection of beautiful decorated pillows of different themes, techniques and materials. Now let’s focus on spring ideas:

1. Pillows embroidered with ribbons

2. Patchwork pillows

3. Floral prints

4. Contrasting colors with a common ornament

5. Cheerful floral appliqués on linen pillows

6. Applications with hares and birds

7. Floral bright prints on pillowcases

8. Spring pillows in bedroom interiors

utopia projects contemporary bedroom

eclectic master bedroom asian inspired eclectic bedroom

Hurtado´s girls contemporary kids

9. Spring printed pillows in living rooms

Shoshana eclectic home office

10. Pillows with spring prints in dining rooms

San Carlos Residence Two contemporary dining rooms

Kauai Residence - Hawaii tropical dining room

More spring ideas can be found here 🙂

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