Pictures “Why are you silent?” (35 photos)


Why are you silent? – an awkward question during an unexpected pause during active communication. It is quite difficult to answer it clearly, and as a result, a dead end arises. Ideas for new topics do not come immediately, so this is quite a common occurrence in any correspondence or telephone conversation. See below for funny pictures with the inscription “Why are you silent?”.
Well, why not?
Fluffy animal tail.
Well, why are you silent?

Ignore me like that?
Cool cat is interested.
They communicated normally.
Well, why are you silent?
The guy asks a question.
Nice person.
Cool picture, why are you silent?
Actual question.
Funny girl face.
Curious white cat.
I do not understand why you are silent?
Vivid emotions of a woman.
famous comedian.
The man is interested.
Neighbor, why are you silent?
Guy in the snow.
Human bewilderment.
I am writing to you.
Funny picture why are you silent?
Why do not you write?
I choose words.
Why are you silent?
Cool cat.
Funny animal eats.
The girl asks.
Are you silent?
Do you love me?
I miss you but there are no words.
A very strange person.
Cool question.

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