Secrets of a cozy living room

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The living room is one of the most important rooms in an apartment or house. We spend our free time in it and receive guests, which is why the design of the living room must be approached with special attention. In our article, we will share the secrets of designing an aesthetic and relaxing living room.

natural materials

The arrangement of any room always begins with the cladding of floor, wall and ceiling surfaces, the selection and installation of doors and windows. If you are designing a living room from scratch and want to make the interior as cozy and comfortable as possible, you should allocate sufficient funds for the purchase of high-quality natural materials. So, it is better to cover the floor with a parquet board, cork or use boardwalk, because they are very pleasant to the touch, accumulate and give off heat, moreover, these materials are aesthetic and environmentally friendly.

In a similar vein, walls and ceilings should be decorated, that is, decorative bricks, painting, wood panels, beams, and so on.

Sticking to the given rhythm in the choice of basic materials, give preference to natural fabrics, simple and light forms of objects and unobtrusive decorative design.


Comfort furniture

A sofa and armchairs, a couch, an ottoman are the items that form the basis of the decor of any living room. In order for the room to become the center of convenience, it is worth carefully choosing all the necessary objects. So, for example, let the sofa be quite massive, preferably angular, with an average height of a soft back, this will allow you to refuse to purchase chairs if the room is small.

In spacious living rooms, it is also recommended to pay attention to the ergonomics of furniture, but here you can install two identical sofas, or complement one piece with a pair of deep armchairs. Make sure that the purchased furniture is moderately soft, with a sufficiently deep fit, it is possible with additional functions (pull-out section) that will allow the body to take any comfortable position.


Soft carpet

This element of the decor can be small and, if necessary, be removed, say, in the summer. And with the onset of cold weather and frequent rains, it is so pleasant to feel a soft and warm coating under your feet. Pay close attention to the composition of the carpet, as more practical are specimens made of mixed materials (polyester and cotton, acrylic and wool). Artificial fibers simplify the cleaning process, do not absorb odors, but in combination with natural fibers, make the product warmer and more comfortable.


Diverse light

The living room is the place where we gather in the evenings and holidays with the whole family or a friendly group of friends. Such gatherings often end quite late: some are resting on the sofa, some are having a cheerful conversation while sitting on the carpet. At such moments, there is a need for an inviting atmosphere, decorated with diffused lighting, which the upper flood light will not give.

Table lamps, sconces and floor lamps installed around the perimeter of the room (in the corners, above the fireplace, on chests of drawers or side tables) will help you maintain comfort in the living room.


Natural color palette

To say that only warm colors will make the living room cozy atmosphere is erroneous, since the monotonous range looks too simple and boring, but hardly cozy. You have the right to decide how many warm shades to use in the interior, and you can combine them with both neutral and cool colors.

It is only important to follow this rule: all colors used to create coziness in the living room should be natural, pleasing to the eye and as if slightly burnt out. For example, instead of an ultramarine hue, it is recommended to use a muted blue-lilac, saturated red can be replaced with red-brick, wine or ocher.


Pleasant textiles

Textile design is of great importance for the harmonious image of the living room, and the living room is no exception. Complete the sofa area with a few cushions in covers made of cotton, linen, wool or fur, put a warm blanket on a banquette or ottoman, change the curtains to thicker ones with a thick gathering. In this form, the living room will be transformed, and its image will become relaxed and peaceful.



There is no well-established rule by which you can determine the right style for decorating a living room. The design of the room should be chosen based on personal preferences and architectural features. But if you are determined to create an unusually cozy interior, then the classic will not work, as it is too pretentious, the loft is overly industrial, and many call the contemporary style insipid.

Perhaps, one of the most attractive trends in modern interior design can be safely called an extraordinary eclecticism that combines the comfort of the West and the ambiguous flavor of the East.


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