Pow-pow-pow! It’s been a great week, hasn’t it? Nevertheless, we must not forget about our digest! This week’s content that our subscribers liked the most!

🔪 How to choose and customize the VKontakte welcome widget

Welcome widgets force the user to pay attention to the message and get a grasp – they are not installed in every community, so the effect of novelty still works. Plus, a person will naturally pay attention to the message, because it displays his name and photo.

🎥 Instructions: how to post Instagram Story* from a computer

Service manual: a complete overview of the tricks and tools for publishing Instagram Stories*.

💸 How to find bloggers to advertise on Instagram*

There are 8 different ways to find bloggers living in the right city, to find topical bloggers, to find reliable bloggers.

⛵ How to get verified on Instagram*

They say that a tick on an Instagram profile * pleases more than flowers and tickets to Paris.

🕶 How to make a newsletter on VKontakte yourself

Instructions for self-launching mailing lists in twenty minutes.