Very strange sharks. Not ferocious and scary, but very unusual and funny

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  1. Shark – pig
  2. naked shark
  3. bull shark

Not all sharks are scary and ferocious creatures, not all of them can be monsters, as we imagine them to be. Sometimes these fish are even cute and a little funny. Today we will talk about three very unusual fish that are recognized as sharks, but they do not look like them at all.

Shark – pig

Very strange sharks.  Not ferocious and scary, but very unusual

Shark – a pig has a very unusual appearance. This fish always makes fishermen laugh when they encounter it. It is worth noting that a shark – a pig sometimes comes across in the nets of fishermen, although this rarely happens.

This species lives in the Mediterranean Sea, as well as in the Atlantic Ocean. Sometimes a pig swims into the Baltic Sea, but this does not happen often.

If the sailors laugh, looking into the eyes of the fish, then looking at it from the side – there are few reasons for laughter, because such a shark is no longer funny, but rather scary, terrifying. Some kind of fantasy.

Shark – a pig is not large in its kind and its maximum is 1.5 meters in length. Fortunately for humans, they do not pose any danger. Although, for other fish they are not afraid. The fact is that the main menu of sharks – pigs – is crustaceans, mollusks or worms. It is worth noting that a person also does not see value in this bizarre fish. Despite the fact that they are not hunted, because of humans, they may soon become an endangered species. During fishing operations, a person destroys the food base of a shark – a pig.

naked shark

Very strange sharks.  Not ferocious and scary, but very unusual

The naked shark is not a species of fearsome predators, but rather an interesting kind of mutation. In addition, it is an understudied species. The fact is that this fish came across in the net to sailors only once – several years ago. And they caught it from the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Why is she naked? Because there were no teeth in her mouth, and there was no skin on her body. It turns out that such a shark simply cannot exist in nature, therefore, it is logical that this is some kind of mutation. In the wild, she simply cannot survive.

In fairness, it should be said that experts were able to determine the age of the caught fish at the time of its discovery. As it turned out, a naked shark was able to live for three whole years. Moreover, it fully developed and reached the size of a full-fledged shark. Despite the fact that the shark had no teeth at all, during the study, experts were surprised that its stomach was densely packed.

Experts explained that the fish simply swallowed their prey whole, without chewing. The examination showed that she ate shellfish, smaller fish.

bull shark

Very strange sharks.  Not ferocious and scary, but very unusual

America’s social networks are just full of photos of this unusual fish. The California bull shark got its name due to its corresponding appearance.

It is worth noting that this shark is a very spoiled representative of its kind. It lives exclusively in the coastal zone of the West Coast of the United States and in particular prefers the California coast. She is very thermophilic, because she likes water temperature of at least 20 degrees. She avoids other temperatures. When winter approaches, the shark begins to migrate to where it is warmer.

Very strange sharks.  Not ferocious and scary, but very unusual

The California bull shark feeds on mollusks, like the pig. It’s all about the teeth – they are weaker than those of other predators. Speaking specifically about the bull, she is a lover of soft food.

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