What are you? – funny pictures (50 photos)


What are you? – an entertaining question to clarify any information that is hard to believe. When one person does something unusual and completely unusual for him, those around him cannot immediately realize it, therefore they ask again how he did it. Maybe it’s just luck, or maybe experience has helped. See below for cool pictures with the inscription “what are you?”.
Tutu what?
Surprised eyes of a cat.
What are you?

Actually already?
Nice muzzle of a cat.
Completely inadequate?
You sho, bye bye?
Is that really true?
Surprised cat on its hind legs.
What are you?
Cool guy with a mustache.
Oh really?
The dentures popped out.
Nice picture, what are you?
Question for a stupid person.
The famous man smokes.
Now I’m crushing you.
I don’t, what about you?
What are you doing?
Nice white cat.
The man asks.
What are you?
The famous little girl.
Funny inscription.
It can’t be, what are you?
Cool actor with a phone.
Character’s words.
Is it serious?
What are you?
White socks with an inscription.
Funny cartoon mouse.
Funny picture, what are you?
The hare smokes a cigarette.
This is true?
The guy with the microphone.
What are you?
You just drive.
Are you running up?
The inscription on the clothes.
What did you say?
Cool guy with glasses.
Phone words.
White cat with a mustache.
Are you stupid?
Funny monkey.
Mr Bean in a jacket.
Question for dear.
Funny cat.

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