Yandex has released free online tutorials on Python, C++ and machine learning


Yandex Academy has launched a series of free handbooks — online manuals for getting to know the main IT disciplines. They are designed for elementary students and IT enthusiasts and are suitable for studying on their own or with a teacher.

Three areas are currently available: Python Basics, C++, and Machine Learning. Later, blocks will be added on the basics of algorithms and applied data analysis in the social sciences. Each handbook has 10-15 chapters, which give a basic idea of ​​these areas.

The textbooks were prepared by employees of Yandex and JetBrains, as well as the Higher School of Economics and the European University. In addition to theory, the work plan also includes practical tasks with automatic verification – they are also free. More than 350 tasks will be available for 5 handbooks.

To track progress, just log into your Yandex account: then the chapters will be marked as read. It is not necessary to read and solve each block sequentially: you can immediately move on to new information if some topics are already familiar to you. Search by contents of handbooks is also provided.

IT handbooks from Yandex→

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