You are a joker – funny pictures (50 photos)


Joker you – a humorous text for those people who tend to exaggerate and embellish their stories. It is clear that no one will believe in this, and the inventor will earn himself a reputation as a liar for a very long time, until he stops boasting. Not everyone has the courage to tell it like it is, so they include fantasy and fiction in their stories. See below for funny pictures with the inscription “you are a joker.”
Drawn actor with words.
You will be my best friend.
Well, you’re a joker.

Yes I am watching.
The smile of a cool actor.
Yes, I see this is from God.
Oh you joker!
Yes, of course.
As I look.
Nice squirrel.
And you are a joker.
Here’s one though.
Beautiful girl with an inscription.
Nice picture you are a joker.
Wow what.
Pump up in two weeks?
Funny guy ears.
Yes, you are a joker.
Here is one however.
Good thinker.
And you are a joker.
Cool boy.
famous actor.
Bearded guy.
Ha ha, you are a joker.
Surprised children.
Well, an inventor.
Loud laughter in the hall.
You are a joker.
Big but small.
Road markings for the winter.
Then we’ll talk.
Funny picture you are a joker.
An old man with no teeth.
Cheerful girl.
I see you are a joker.
Funny boy.
Beautiful young actress.
Listen, you’re a joker.
Cool cat.
I remember you!
An actor with a finger to his head.
And you are a joker.
Doctor in a coat.
Guys in hats.
I see you are a joker.
Enthusiastic inscription.
Keep spinning the drum.

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